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10 Classic Pieces That Will Help You Create a Truly Ageless Capsule Wardrobe

Once a month, I usually have a complete panic over my wardrobe. Maybe you have experienced this too. It normally consists of standing in front of my wardrobe, deciding that I despise everything that’s in it and truly feeling like nothing is good enough to wear. Then, cue the resulting frenzied, unnecessary shopping spree to try and solve the problem, which is always a major blow to my confidence and wallet, not to mention not even remotely sustainable or reflective of how I normally approach shopping. Everything I panic-ordered always gets sent back, and I end up turning to the reliable, classic pieces in my repertoire once more. That’s why, when the idea of an ageless capsule wardrobe was mentioned in the office this week, my ears perked up.

It’s important to note that ageless can have a double meaning here. This can be a capsule wardrobe that works across all age groups; regardless of how old you are, these pieces will stay with you as you go through life and your tastes fluctuate. It can also refer to the clothes themselves, because these items won’t feel old, outdated or out of style in a mere matter of months or years—they’re set to remain classics, making each piece in your curated collection totally worth the investment. Plus, it makes the probability of having these weekly stressy dressing sessions (come on, we’ve all been there) much lower.

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