25 Effortlessly Elegant Free People Dresses That Were Made For Summer

25 Effortlessly Elegant Free People Dresses That Were Made For Summer

Think for a moment: what’s one of the best things about summer? Is it the prospect of the perfect sunny day, perhaps? Or the idea of venturing off to an idyllic destination? While both of those things are undoubtedly great, there’s nothing better, in my humble opinion, than what happens to our wardrobes once warm weather encroaches. More specifically, our ability to wear one specific staple on repeat: sundresses. After all, what else feels more synonymous with summer than a dress? Nothing, really. Frankly, there’s no other item more suited for any situation that may come up on your calendar. Whether you’re dressing for a heatwave, a work day, or a wedding, wearing a dress will always be a fail-proof choice. Therefore, it’s imperative to find versions of this staple that fit our needs for the season—whether that means finding options that fit our fiscal budget, sartorial preferences, or daily lifestyle.

While everyone’s approach to shopping for dresses may differ, chances are most, if not all, shoppers want them to meet three main criteria, the first being that the item must be effortless to wear in everyday life. The second requirement is that it should look elegant. And the third is that they shouldn’t break the bank. All of these demands might seem straightforward at face value, but finding options that meet them all is more challenging than you’d think. Luckily, one retailer manages to do it all: Free People. It might be surprising, but secretly, some of the best dresses from summer come from this underrated brand. In fact, it’s become a fan-favorite among the fashion set and even our very own editors. Don’t believe me? Ahead, I’ve curated a selection of the 25 best free people dresses for summer, along with examples of how the fashion crowd is styling them. Fair warning: these Free People frocks will likely become one of your favorite parts of summer.


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