8 Summer "Trends" for the People With Classic Style

8 Summer "Trends" for the People With Classic Style

As someone who tries to infuse classic style into their dressing and shopping habits, I always find it hard to strike a good balance between looking timeless but still on-trend. I have learned over time, however, that there are always a handful of It items each season that are trending without actually being too trendy—there’s a big distinction there! Some pieces are trendy and seem to magically disappear after a few weeks or months, whereas others will come back over and over again, making them a better investment.

This is especially so in summer when, each year without fail, dozens of It items pop up in stores, on our feeds, and on the streets. Some are inherently classic in nature, and I can barely wrap my head around others before they’re already “over.” Today, I’m here to focus on the former. If you’re looking to feel forward this season without having to go too crazy with your style, below are eight items I highly suggest you consider. The best part is that they’re likely already in your closet, but seeing as this is Who What Wear, I’ve gone ahead and shopped out my favorite iterations of each too. Ready to get started? Simply keep scrolling.

1. Button-Down Shirts

Whether it’s linen or poplin, striped or solid, loose or fitted, a good button-down is always in for summer and truly elevates an outfit.

2. Raffia Bags

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Woven bags are always in for summer, but lately, every designer has gotten on board with their own iteration, making them even more in-demand.

3. Crochet Everything

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Since I started this job 10 or so years ago, crochet has popped up as a trend pretty much every summer. Buy a good piece and you’ll use it for years to come.

4. Belts

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I’ve always been of the belief that belts make everything better, and the entire fashion set seems to be on board this season too. Add one to any outfit to make it instantly feel both more forward and more flattering.

5. Linen Pants

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Once I accepted the fact that they will wrinkle, I realized that there’s nothing chicer (or more practical) than linen pants in the summer.