A Celebrity Hairstylist Just Filled Me In On Summer's Biggest Hair Trends—6 Looks We'll All Be Wearing

A Celebrity Hairstylist Just Filled Me In On Summer's Biggest Hair Trends—6 Looks We'll All Be Wearing

It feels like spring has only just arrived (thanks, UK weather forecast) but trust me, summer is just around the corner—I promise. And along with planning my holiday and summer wardrobe, I’m also curious as to what summer hair trends will be the major players for 2024.

Summer is often the busiest time of year. Our schedules are packed with weddings (need wedding guest hair inspo? Step this way), festivals, summer soirées and holidays, which all require some hair inspiration. And when the summer temperatures soar we want low maintenance hairstyles that can make us look pulled together, fast (because who wants to use a hairdryer when it’s 28 degrees out?)

To find out what hair trends we can expect to see this summer, I asked celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hershesons salons, Luke Hersheson (who tends to the tendrils of Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few) to share what he predicts will be trending this summer. From the haircuts to get acquainted with to the easy hairstyling tricks that will see you through festival season and beyond, scroll ahead for summer’s most covetable hair trends that we’ll all want to try in 2024.

1. Cowgirl Bangs

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Time to welcome back cowboy-core with a hearty yeehaw—because it’s not going anywhere for summer, says Hersheson. As seen on Laura Harrier here, we’re seeing the curtain fringe come back with a bang, but this it has a “softer, more rugged” look, which “lends better to natural textures,” he says. “They’re slightly shaggier than a polished curtain bang, but without losing any of the versatility.”

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Sabrina Carpenter’s cowgirl curtain fringe is convincing me to finally try a fringe for summer. Plus, it looks great worn with hair up or down.

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2. Half-up, Half-down

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This might be the ultra low-maintenance hairstyle for summer that pulls your look together in seconds—especially if you employ some chic hair accessories. “Accessories aren’t going anywhere, and whilst bows are definitely still in, this summer one of the best ways to add a hint of interest to your half-up, half-down look is to add a mini claw clip or two,” says Hersheson. Don’t mind if we do.

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I love this half-up, half-down look on Hailey Bieber. Note the tiny plaits and bows—so cute.

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3. Old Money Bob

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The bob haircut has reigned for a while now, and we’re not seeing it go anywhere for 2024. While last year we say blunt, jaw-skimming bobs takeover salons, this year we’re welcoming the longer and bouncier variety in form of the old money bob, seen on Zendaya during her Challengers press tour. “The old money bob is perfect for those who cut their hair and don’t want to go super short again—this is a brilliant way to polish up shorter hair,” says Hersheson.

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I’ve had Elsa Hosk’s bouncy bob on my hair inspo board for summer.