A Celebrity Pedicurist Said These Are The Most Expensive-Looking Colours The Fashion Set Are Booking In For

A Celebrity Pedicurist Said These Are The Most Expensive-Looking Colours The Fashion Set Are Booking In For

June has arrived, and with the arrival of the warmer weather (finally), we’re fully in the height of pedicure season. Having just bought some new sandals, I’m realising that now is the time to call my salon and finally book that much-needed pedicure after hiding my feet all last season. After keeping an eye on the pedicure trends and pedicure colour trends in the lead up to summer, I was curious to know what pedicure colours will be popular in June.

Now summer is here, now is the time to consider some bright nail looks for your upcoming holiday, or perhaps a classic pedicure colour like red or pink to see you through a whole season of weddings. As for trends, I’ve heard that the French pedicure is having a major comeback amongst the fashion set—I’ve been seeing it all over my social feeds.

To be honest, I have a hard enough time choosing from the nail trends for my manicure once I get in the salon chair. So, being the indecisive pedicure person I am, I decided to enlist the help of London’s chicest pedicurist and The Gel Bottle ambassador, Milly Mason, to talk me through what the fashion set are choosing when they’re booking in for their pedicures right now. Scroll ahead for all the pedicure ideas you’ll need this month to take you into the summer season.

June Pedicure Colours

1. Sheer Pink

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Sheer pinks are a timeless choice for a pedicure. They’re flattering, they go with any outfit you’ll be wearing and any re-growth is less noticeable than bright colours. For that reason, it’s a great choice to go for if you want to get the most out of your pedicure appointment.

If you’re headed into the salon, Mason has some colour recommendations. “Veil from the new The Gel Bottle wedding collection is my new favourite pedi shade,” says Mason. “It gives a slight subtle sheen and looks super chic on toes!” We have to agree.

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2. Supermodel Red

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If you usually favour a brighter pedicure colour for summer but want it to remain timeless, red is always a great choice. “If you prefer a red toe, The Gel Bottle Candy is also the perfect red shade, and this colour is timeless is all year round,” says Mason. From bright poppy red to sangria red, there’s a summer red to suit everyone.

3. Milky French

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Milky nails aren’t going anywhere, and they make a great choice on toes too. “A milky pedi this looks super chic on its own or with a French tip using the shade Daisy. To make things more fun you can add a pastel tip,” says Mason. Matcha green, pastel blue and coral make for chic French pedicure tips for summer.

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3. Frombré

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Frombré nails have been taking off on our hands, and they’re making our way to our toes too—I’ve been seeing them everywhere. They’re the meeting of a French tip and ombré. They’re not as stark as a classic French tip yet more interesting than a wash of sheer pink, making them a great middle ground for your June pedicure.

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4. Classic French

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Classic French manicures are back on the agenda for 2024, and they always make your feet look groomed and put together. If you’re doing it at home, you’ll want to use a fine-tipped brush to ensure a precise finish, along with a sheer pink polish, a opaque white and a glossy top coat to lock it in.