A New Evil Dead Spinoff Is in The Works

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise is spawning a new spinoff.

According to Deadline, the project will be under Raimi and Robert Tapert’s production studio, Ghost Host Pictures, and will see Sébastien Vaniček helming the film as well as co-writing it.

The plot for the spinoff has not officially been released, though the moniker of “spinoff” suggests that it isn’t a straight sequel of the comedy horror films that came before it, starting with 1981’s The Evil Dead, where Bruce Campbell first played Ash Williams (pictured above), a human who found himself fighting off various evil dead creatures. There have been four movies since that first one, of varying degrees of quality, as well as the series Ash vs. Evil Dead, which saw Campbell reprise his popular role.

Vaniček is an up-and-coming director, whose feature debut Infested (Vermines) premiered last year at festivals. That horror film earned Vaniček the Best Director award at Fantastic Fest, where the film also won Best Picture.

It will be interesting to see how this spinoff connects to the overarching lore of the popular franchise. Will Campbell be back? We don’t know the answer to that question yet, but odds are likely that he won’t (or he’ll at least be in it only briefly), and the upcoming film will introduce us to new characters and (potentially?) new evil dead beings. This is all speculation, however, and we’ll have to wait for more news to break about casting, the plot, and when this film will make its way to our eyeballs. icon-paragraph-end

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