Cartier Is Empowering These Changemaking Fashion Entrepreneurs

Cartier Is Empowering These Changemaking Fashion Entrepreneurs

As one of the most iconic jewelry brands, Cartier stands apart for its beautiful craftsmanship, designs, and innovation. This includes the recent buzzy launches of its Baignoire bangle and Mini Tank Louis watches, which reimagine heritage pieces that were originally debuted over 100 years ago. Cartier also stands apart because it is a brand that champions women. Not only does the brand put women at the forefront when it comes to jewelry designs, but it also supports women outside of the jewelry space. This includes the Cartier Women’s Initiative (CWI), a fellowship program launched in 2006 that drives change by empowering women entrepreneurs. Who What Wear was lucky enough to travel to Shenzhen, China, for the 2024 awards ceremony.

(Image credit: Cartier Women’s Initiative)

The 2024 fellows are changemakers who left us inspired by their innovative ideas and dedication to making a difference in the areas of equality, climate action, education, health, and more. For example, Sierra Kaur of Girls That Invest aims to close the wealth gap by teaching women about investing and finance. Sadriye Görece of BlindLook uses an AI-powered platform to make products and services comprehensive to people who are blind. Isabelle Kamariza of Solid’Africa provides nutrient-focused meals at affordable prices to patients to improve the availability of food in public hospitals.

These pioneers are also impacting change in the fashion industry. We spoke with the founders and CEOs of Biophilica, No Limbits, and Linus to hear more about how they are bringing change to the fashion space.

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