Customisation tiles by Kaolin

Dezeen Showroom: Australian company Kaolin has launched a range of customisation options for its tiles, allowing architects and designers to add different patterns and finishes to suit various interior schemes.

Already used by studios including ARM Architecture and Greg Natale Design, the Customisation range includes 16 different options ranging from botanical motifs to geometric mosaics and 3D textures.

Manhattan tiles by Kaolin
Kaolin has launched its Customisation range

Techniques including waterjet cutting, sandblasting, engraving and double firing can now be added onto any Kaolin tiles – there’s even the option to recreate paintings or photographs by layering colours and finishes.

“These techniques not only allow for the creation of bespoke patterns but also ensure that each tile fits perfectly within the grand mosaic of the client’s vision,” said Kaolin.

Mathematica Customisation tiles Mathematica Customisation tiles
The collection includes 16 different options of patterns and textures

Kaolin also offers ongoing support throughout the customisation process, including assistance with design, drawings and 3D renderings.

“This collaborative approach ensures that the final execution matches the original vision, bridging the gap between dream and reality,” said the manufacturer.

Product details:

Product: Customisation tiles
Brand: Kaolin
Contact: [email protected]

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