Elon Musk slams Lucasfilm president for being woke, saying she is ‘more deadly than the Death Star’

Elon Musk is not letting his grievances with Disney die.

The owner of Twitter/X, last week, aimed his wrath at Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, saying she was “more deadly than the Death Star” and was “super bigoted against men” in a pair of tweets over several days. He also agreed with a post lampooning Disney CEO Bob Iger for not firing Kennedy, saying “it is beyond parody at this point”.

This particular round of ire comes as some groups have criticized the latest Star Wars program on Disney+, The Acolyte, saying its lead characters were spawned by “lesbian space witches.”

Kennedy has headed Lucasfilm at Disney since the film studio was acquired. Disney made back its $4 billion investment in George Lucas’s studio by 2018, six years after the acquisition closed. It has been dubbed “one of the smartest acquisitions in history” by analysts, despite some missteps. The Acolyte is Disney+’s biggest series premiere of the year, gathering 11.1 million views in its first five days, according to Variety.

Musk has held a grudge against Disney since the company pulled its advertising from Twitter/X last year. At the DealBook conference where he told Andrew Ross Sorkin “If somebody is going to try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f–k yourself. Go f–k yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is.” Musk then singled out Iger, saying “Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience.”

Musk has also said he would back a lawsuit by actor Gina Carano, who was fired from The Mandalorian following social media posts that included one comparing the U.S. political climate in 2021 to Nazi Germany.

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