Ethereum ETF Expected To Push ETH Price To $4000, Algotech Witness Massive Growth Along With Notcoin

The crypto world expects the value of Ethereum (ETH) to surpass $4000 following the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETF, and this expectation hinges on the fact that the approval will bring massive exposure and more mainstreamness to ETH.

But it’s not just ETH that is on investors’ radar. Two underdogs, Algotech and Notcoin are equally getting the attention for the right reasons. With Algotech’s successful presale and Notcoin’s massive price rally, the underdogs are proving that they can compete for investors’ attention and funds in a market dominated by behemoths like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum ETF Expected To Push ETH Price To $4000

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Following the United State’s SEC approval of Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), expectations are high for Ethereum to finally break through the $4,000 mark.

An ETF is an investment vehicle designed to track the price of a particular security. ETFs are a thing in mainstream investment, and since cryptocurrencies are considered too volatile, and outlawed, they weren’t treated as traditional investment, hence there being no crypto ETF; not until Bitcoin ETF got approved in February of 2024, followed by the current current Ethereum ETH approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

That we are now having crypto ETFs is a surefire indicator that cryptocurrencies are gaining a place in mainstream finance and investing. Cryptocurrencies are moving from outlaws to citizens.

What this means is that with Ethereum ETF, more investors can now buy and hold Ethereum directly without the need for wallets, just like they would a company’s stock, or the S&P 500. Jan van Eck, the CEO of VanEck (the first company to apply for Ethereum ETF), called the ETH ETF approval “the most amazing thing that I’ve seen in my career with respect to securities regulation.” He further posited that Ethereum ETF would mean clearer regulations and increased investors’ interest in Ethereum.

This increase in popularity, and availability is expected to boost the price of Ethereum, moving it past $4000; a feat that would mean the realization of the long-awaited dreams for both crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Notcoin’s Unprecedented Price Surge, A Pull Back, And The Prospect For More

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Notcoin, the Telegram-linked play-to-earn coin that launched in may have taken the crypto world by storm. Over the weekend, the coin rallied to its current ATH of $0.02836, which amounts to a 360.98% increase in the past 10 days. With a 254.40% increase in the last 7 days, Notcoin is currently outperforming the global crypto market which is down by -1.10%

The massive gain of Notcoin has made it hard to ignore. The coin has had a massive run over the weekend, a move that ranks among the best ever by any altcoin. Despite the run, the price of Notcoin has dropped 27% from its all-time-high, but is still within the bullish range, leaving a clear indication that more price surges might be underway.

Algotech’s Massive Growth Still Shines In The Crypto Space

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Algotech has sold out more than 43% of its bonus offering in its ongoing presale rounds. The presale has racked in more than $ 6 million, leaving investors in awe. The current success of the Algotech presale is creating a FOMO that’s causing more investors to want in on the token.

The rush and massive presale success is a result of Algotech’s promise and the steps it has taken to substantiate that promise.

The Algotech trading platform can be considered the gold standard of crypto trading innovation, where AI works hand-in-hand with the trader, like a sidekick, to do more than the trader could do alone. The platform allows traders to use AI to conduct technical analysis, which includes analyzing large market data and charts, spotting transiting opportunities, and crafting investment strategies that are unique to individual traders.

To back up this promise Algotech recently invested in H100 GPUs from NVIDIA. This will help provide the Algotech platform with more computing power to deliver on its promises to investors and traders.

The current price of Algotech’s native token is 0.1, but during this presale stage, Algotech is offering investors the opportunity to buy the token at the subsidized price of $0.08, with the promise of the token rising to $0.5 during listing, and $1 shortly after.

Innovation is what captures value, and investors are more than willing to put their money where value is. Algotech has demonstrated value in its platform, and the massive growth so far is evidence that investors are more than willing to put their money behind the project.

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