Every Shoe Trend That Jennifer Lawrence Has Made Us Buy

Every Shoe Trend That Jennifer Lawrence Has Made Us Buy

As one of a handful of Who What Wear editors who report on celebrity style, I scroll through hundreds of paparazzi images every day, scouring the major photo agencies for chic outfits on cool A-list names. Obviously, some big names show up more than others. This is mostly because their images are more sought-after than their peers due to both their level of fame and the quality of their looks. Right now, I don’t see anyone garnering more photographic attention than Jennifer Lawrence.

Though her film work has undoubtedly contributed to her especially high level of popularity at the moment, it’s Lawrence’s style that has every photographer in New York City following her every move in 2024. Every time she leaves her house, Lawrence is dressed in an enviable outfit, with her footwear choices proving especially highbrow. Regularly spotted in sold-out shoes by The Row and Alaïa, the No Hard Feelings actress is fast becoming our go-to inspiration in the footwear department. Multiple Who What Wear editors have admitted to me in recent months that they’ve invested in designer shoes after spotting them on Lawrence. Naturally, I had to know more. Scroll down to find out which shoe trends my co-workers were influenced to purchase by Lawrence. Before you ask, no, I’m not immune to her powers either.

Net Flats

(Image credit: Backgrid)

“I was on the fence about fishnet flats, but seeing the casual and effortless way J.Law styles them has completely influenced me on the shoe trend, specifically Alaïa’s Mary Jane pair, which the actress owns in both red and black. She tends to wear hers with baggy denim, and to me, they occupy the perfect niche for summer shoes because they’re a prettier alt to sneakers but not quite as casual as flat sandals. Suffice it to say, similar pairs have been making their way into my shopping cart recently, and I have many of the same styling ideas in mind.” — Anna LaPlaca, Senior Editor