From Paris to NYC, Stylish People Are Wearing This "Dated" Dress

From Paris to NYC, Stylish People Are Wearing This "Dated" Dress

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight; PICTURED: Alexander McQueen; Ferragamo; Fendi)

It’s official: we’re in the full swing of summertime. As temperatures rise, one may begin to feel the itch to switch things up—whether that means booking a trip or building an entirely new wardrobe. If you’re leaning towards the latter, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of shopping for a new season, but if we’re being honest, it can be, well, overwhelming, too. After all, where does one start on their shopping journey? Luckily, there’s always a fail-proof place to begin…ahem, the dress department. Don’t get me wrong; other staples are imperative in a summer wardrobe, too—e.g., sandals, sunglasses, swimsuits, and linen sets. However, none can maintain the same air of sophistication when it’s sweltering outside, quite like a dress does. It’s the one item you can be sure you’ll wear throughout the summer without fail.

But if you’re unsure of what type of dress to incorporate into your closet, consider a more classic silhouette, such as the halter. If you just halted in your tracks reading that, please hear me out. Although I know that others might not share the same sentiment about this style, I’ve always felt it was incredibly sophisticated. While everyone’s feelings pertaining to halter dresses may differ, there’s no denying that they’re shaping up to be one of the season’s biggest trends. Don’t believe me? Ahead, I’ve rounded up examples of how the halter dress trend has taken over the runway, the street-style scene, and even Nordstrom’s digital racks—thereby cementing the style’s return. For those looking for pieces to freshen up their summer wardrobe, prepare to halt the search.

On the Runway

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Coperni)

Styling Notes: One of the ways we’ve seen this dress silhouette adapted in recent seasons is through the incorporation of special hardware—case in point: Coperni’s S/S 24 collection. The addition of buckle hardware to this black dress makes it bolder.

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(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Ferragamo)

Styling Notes: Another way we saw this dress style given a contemporary spin was by incorporating trending colors. For instance, in Ferrgamo’s S/S 24 collection, there were a few halters, but none as much as the pistachio green maxi.

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(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/ Fendi)

Styling Notes: Shades weren’t the only way designers made this dress stand out, as styling played a pivotal role, too. A prime example is Fendi’s S/S 24 collection, which includes a contemporary take on color blocking through styling minimal halter dresses with contrasting accessories.

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(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Alexander McQueen)

Styling Notes: Beyond styling, designers also made this dress feel a bit more daring by focusing on the details, specifically textiles. We saw several halter dresses made from luxurious materials—e.g., at Alexander McQueen’s S/S 24 show, the style was made from saffron-red velvet.

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(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight/Tove)

Styling Notes: While designers made this “dated” dress feel fresh in many ways, the most straightforward way they brought it back this season was by embracing simplicity (refer to Tove’s spring show). By embracing clean-cut tailoring, neutral palettes, and breezy materials, they made this classic dress even chicer.