We’re a not-for-profit press service that reports on the British meat industry. We provide free, accurate and balanced stories about both farm animals and those who farm them. The meat industry raises profound ethical and environmental questions. Unfortunately, the industry is also highly complex and often opaque. Misinformation, from both sides of the meat debate, abounds. So news coverage of the industry,  beyond meat mislabeling and contamination, is sparse, frequently inaccurate and one-sided.

As a specialist, not-for-profit news agency we can remedy this. We have the time, inclination and knowledge to see through the propaganda and write in-depth stories that are free to republish.  We aim to better inform citizens by helping the news media improve both the quantity and quality of their meat reporting.

Our journalism aims to be:


The public have a right to know how their food is produced. So we report any significant impacts on farm animal welfare or life. However, as an organisation, we do not express a view on the moral status of animals. We merely report the facts and leave the ethical judgements to our readers.


We strive to discover the truth. Reporting that speculates about what has happened instead of discovering what has actually happened is shoddy. We avoid it whenever possible.


We’re committed to getting our stories right. Specialist researchers provide context and double check all of our reporters’ facts.

Using our material

Unless otherwise stated, we waive the copyright to all of our material. At no charge, you may reproduce our stories, research and photographs in their entirety or in part , with or without attribution, and without notifying us in advance. Read our licensing terms here.

Note: If your publication is owned or majority funded by the meat industry or by animal charities, usage of our articles is licensed instead under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.