Hot Tip: These Clean Mascaras Trick People Into Thinking I Got a Lash Lift

Hot Tip: These Clean Mascaras Trick People Into Thinking I Got a Lash Lift

Let me begin by saying that there’s no one definition of “clean,” and everyone has different standards of what they choose to put on their skin and hair. It’s all up to personal preference, and, by the way, just because you may favor clean mascara doesn’t mean your whole beauty routine must be totally 100% clean. Mine certainly isn’t!

This all being said, I have found myself using clean mascaras, if only for the fact that the options are abundant as ever and truly just so good. I’m talking lift! Density! Long-lasting curl! Gone are the days of sacrificing performance for a natural-leaning ingredient list; today’s clean mascaras truly deliver the same falsies-level result as their traditional counterparts. The only difficulty becomes choosing which gorgeous tube to add to your makeup bag—our list below is a very good place to start.

The Best Clean and Natural Mascaras, Listed

  1. Best Overall: Victoria Beckham Vast Lash Mascara
  2. Best Curling: Tower 28 MakeWaves Mascara
  3. Best Lengthening: Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara
  4. Best for a Natural Look: Ami Colé Lash Amplifying Mascara
  5. Best Buildable: Kjaer Weis Im-possible Mascara
  6. Best Budget: Covergirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara
  7. Best for Separation: Saie Mascara 101
  8. Best Tubing: Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara
  9. Best Volumizing: Kosas The Big Clean Mascara
  10. Best Splurge: Westman Atelier Eye Want You Mascara
  11. Best Waterproof: Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara

What Does Clean Mascara Mean?

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