I Live in NYC and Just Got Back From France—8 Trends I Spotted in Both Places

I Live in NYC and Just Got Back From France—8 Trends I Spotted in Both Places

On Monday, French TSA agents had to practically drag me onto my plane at the Nice Airport—that’s how badly I would have liked to stay in the French Riviera for even just one more day instead of flying back to New York City. In addition to the obvious reasons—the food, the pharmacy products, and the picturesque beach views, just to name a few—I didn’t want to leave France because of the effortless fashion that met me at every turn. With every stop up the coast (I was in the area with Alpine F1 Racing for the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, which is about 30 minutes by train from Nice), I discovered another handful of chic outfits. They’re seemingly everywhere and unlimited in supply.

Of course, I did take the nine-hour plane ride back to JFK Airport, and while I was bummed that my trip was over after so much anticipation and buildup, all wasn’t completely lost. Upon arriving in my home city, I remembered something: The fashion here is great too. After consulting my style notes from France, I noticed quite a few similarities between the trends I spotted there and the ones I’ve already seen in my short time back in New York City. Below, find out which eight trends can be found all along the Côte d’Azur and Manhattan alike.

Flat Slide Sandals

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When I tell you that I saw at least 100 women wearing Hermès Oran Sandals at the Monaco Grand Prix this past weekend, I’m not exaggerating. It was honestly probably closer to 200, especially if I expand my observation zone to Nice. Downtown NYC, they’re not as common, but I live on the Upper West Side, and in the summer, these slides and others just like them are just as ubiquitous.

White Trousers

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Two weeks ago when I was brainstorming outfits for my trip, 99% of the summer-in-France photo research I found included some version of white trousers. By the time I actually got there, I could understand why—they’re everywhere just like they are all across Manhattan and Brooklyn the second temperatures surpass 65º.


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A few years ago, spotting anything with a halterneck anywhere, let alone two of the biggest fashion locations in the world, would have been a shock. They’d all but disappeared. These days, the wraparound silhouette is firmly rooted in the “in” department, which explains why I saw halterneck dresses all over the French Riviera.

Capri Pants

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I now have worn capri pants in Nice, Monaco, and New York, and so has seemingly everyone I follow on Instagram who’s been in any of the three locations in the last few months. Once hated, the cropped bottoms are now securely stationed at the top of every stylish person’s summer wish list.

White Sundresses

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White dresses for summer? Shocker, I know. Actually, no one in France and Manhattan can resist the allure of a billowy white frock when the sun shows its face and temperatures begin to soar. It’s tradition!