I Thought This Pretty Dress Trend Was "Over" But Fashion People Just Proved Me Wrong

I Thought This Pretty Dress Trend Was "Over" But Fashion People Just Proved Me Wrong

Summer is finally here, and with it the reemergence of a particular dress trend that I didn’t expect to see again so soon. Contrasting the drop waist and basque styles that have been saturating the market, the waist-cinching, ultra-feminine milkmaid dress trend has been gaining popularity just as quickly as its lower-waist sisters this season.

When the trend first shot to popularity in 2020, the pretty dresses offered a fresh silhouette—reminiscent of the puff-sleeve, corset clad styles worn across the 18th century. Following their saturation, the style eventually ebbed out of favour, but today—only four years later, the trend is suddenly back.

Speaking of the quick resurgence—I’m much more used to seeing trends take nearer 10-15 years to come back into style, fashion psychologist Carolyn Mair commented that the trend “makes a statement against sleek, minimalist fashion norms” such as the quiet luxury aesthetic that dominated for seasons.

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“Another reason for its popularity is that it connects our imagination to simpler times through the psychological concept of nostalgia. In the modern, fast-paced world, we may yearn for a perceived idyllic, slower-paced past and wearing this trend enables us to escape from the harsh reality of today” speaks Mair.

Now a heavyweight play in the wardrobe rotation of influencers, the pretty dress has also been spiking on Google Trends for the past few weeks, proving that the romantic style is enjoying a second wind.

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Delivering a feminine and romantic silhouette, the elegant dress also offers a comfortable fit. Frequently designed with an elasticated, shirred bodice, the dress sits comfortably across the chest before billowing out for a voluminous finish.