I Used to Think These Jeans Looked "Cheap"—7 Classy Outfits That Changed My Mind

I Used to Think These Jeans Looked "Cheap"—7 Classy Outfits That Changed My Mind

As synonymous with summer as ice cream and basket bags, white jeans have long been a warm-weather staple of stylish fashion people. For the longest time, however, I always thought they looked a little cheap when I tried them on. It’s only now, with more white jeans on the market than ever, that I fully understand why. The pairs I’ve sampled in the past have always been of the skinny variety, practically sprayed onto the body. Now, with looser-fit styles coming to the fore and influencers showcasing lots of chic ways to style them, that I have come to realise just how wrong I was.

Having recently ordered a pair of horseshoe-shaped white jeans, I’ve since become obsessed with them. With a slouchy fit, they feel much cooler than the tighter-fitting styles I had tried previously, and they have proven themselves to be just as versatile as my collection of blue denim. Thinking that you too may be open to trying white jeans yourself this season, or you already own a pair and are searching for fresh ways to style them, below I’ve shared a selection of my favourite white jeans outfits of 2024. Scroll on to see them and to shop any pieces you might need to re-create them.

7 White Jeans Outfits to Try This Season

1. Tweed Jacket + White Jeans + Ballet Flats

Style Notes: Make your white jeans look all the more elegant and refined with a tweed jacket and some leather ballet flats.

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2. Black Top + Studded Belt + White Jeans + Mesh Shoes

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Style Notes: White and black are a natural pairing and, as evidenced by Debora Rosa, they look especially chic when worn together in outfit form. White jeans and a black jersey vest are all you need.

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3. Blazer + Scarf + White Jeans + Shoulder Bag

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Style Notes: Cropped styles tap into the overarching capri pants trend; Lydia of @femmeblk gives hers a glossy finish with a tailored blazer, jaunty silk neck scarf and shoulder bag.

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4. Vest Top + Belt + White Jeans

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Style Notes: Sometimes its the simplest outfits that make the biggest impact—cue Pia Mance’s white jeans and white vest top look, which she punctuates with tan accessories.

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5. Bright Knit + White Jeans + Colourful Trainers

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Style Notes: Owing to their blank-canvas hue, white jeans work with a myriad of other colours. Choose your favourite, wear it in knit form, and match it to the colour of your shoes. Trainers feel especially current.