I'll Be 30 Next Year and Want the Best Skin of My Life—5 Swaps I'm Making

I'll Be 30 Next Year and Want the Best Skin of My Life—5 Swaps I'm Making

As a beauty editor, I spend a lot of time analyzing my skin. Part of it comes with the job. I’m tasked with testing hundreds of products per year, and to do that effectively, I need to monitor my skin for visible changes. The other part is personal. Whether it’s a pressure I place on myself or a preoccupation with caring for my skin in the best way possible, I’m constantly cognizant. I try to reapply SPF every two hours at the beach. I try to prevent clogged pores via regular exfoliation. I try to hydrate my skin with a good serum-moisturizer combo.

Despite my diligence, I’m human, and I want to live my life. If that means going on a camping trip with limited access to a sink for face-washing, so be it. If that means leaving my retinol out of my carry-on to make way for other travel essentials, that’s okay! I’m passionate, but I’m not precious about it. That’s why seeing signs of aging in the mirror doesn’t bother me all that much. I’m 29—turning 30 in exactly one year—and signs of aging are to be expected. Actually, they’re a privilege.

Still, I’m a beauty editor, and if there are things I can do to slow down signs of aging and make my skin look and feel its healthiest, then I’m going to do them. That’s why I recently reconfigured my skincare routine to suit the changing needs of my skin. My goal is to get my routine down pat before turning the big 3-0. It’s my way of celebrating where I’m at and looking forward to a new decade.

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First, the Changes Taking Place in 30-Year-Old Skin