I'm a Plus-Size Fashion Editor—Here's Where I'd Shop These 4 Popular Summer Trends

I'm a Plus-Size Fashion Editor—Here's Where I'd Shop These 4 Popular Summer Trends

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re like me, then you’re so ready to bask in the sunshine and frolic around the outdoors with your besties. I’m looking to add a few styles to my wardrobe in preparation for all the upcoming festivities, and it’s the perfect time to tap into some seriously good trends I’ve been seeing across the internet and IRL. As a plus-size fashion girl, I know finding the perfect pieces can be difficult, so I’ve taken the hard work out of shopping just for you.

Ahead, check out these four popular summer fashion trends and where to shop them in extended sizes. From pale-yellow pieces to fun and flowy sundresses, I’ve highlighted the most coveted fashion trends of the season with top-notch plus-size market selects to boot. Happy shopping.

Pale Yellow

Bright colors usually become more popular with the rise in temperatures, and this year is no different. Baby yellow is the color of the season and months to come. The mellow hue screams summer while also appealing to a wide audience because of its softness. Try this color in a pretty sundress or flowy skirt.

Long Shorts

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It’s officially shorts season, but the fashion set is embracing longer inseams when tackling the popular summer staple. Whether you’re more of a linen wearer or a jean-short lover, try longer shorts this season.


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There’s something about an easy, breezy sundress on a hot sunny day that feels so right. I’ve noticed a lot of white linen styles online, but there’s also a fair amount of bright vibrant colors worth styling.

Sporty Tops

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Fashion people all over are sprinkling some sportier elements into their looks these days. I’ve been loving the mix between jersey-like tops and cutesy skirts. Many of the internet’s most stylish have been pairing these contrasting aesthetics.