I'm Going to 3 Weddings This Summer—I'm Wearing This Perfume to Every Single One

I'm Going to 3 Weddings This Summer—I'm Wearing This Perfume to Every Single One

Wedding season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, then you probably have quite a few ceremonies to attend this summer. Three of my best friends are getting married this year, and between booking flights, hotels, hen parties and more, I’ve not had a lot of time to think about what I’m wearing.

Although I might have left my dress choice to the last minute, one thing I do have planned is my wedding guest perfume. As a fragrance-obsessed beauty editor, I always like to plan my perfumes in advance, and to me there’s something so special about the fragrance you choose to wear to watch your loved ones tie the knot.

You see, each and every one of my perfumes holds sentimental value. My collection is full of scents that have seen me through some of the biggest occasions in my life, and every time I spritz them I am taken back to a specific time and place where I wore the fragrance for the very first time. So, this summer, I want to make sure I wear a scent that will work for all of the weddings I will be attending, so that every time I spritz it I am reminded of those special days.

I know that choosing a perfume for a big event can be tricky, so I thought I would reach out to a fragrance expert to get their thoughts on what notes to go for when attending a summer wedding. Below, you’ll find lots of fragrance recommendations that will be sure to earn you compliments throughout the day, including the one I plan on wearing myself…

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What Perfume Notes Are Best to Wear to a Wedding?

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