It's My Dream to Own Hermès's Oran Sandals—9 Affordable Alts I'm Considering in the Meantime

It's My Dream to Own Hermès's Oran Sandals—9 Affordable Alts I'm Considering in the Meantime

Ask any fashion person who has an eye for elevated things and they’re tell you there’s one sandal style they’re really coveting this season. Transcending the trends like no other, Hermès’s Oran sandals retain their elegant edge and cult-buy status season after season.

With a simple design that sees the slides set on a flat base with an elegant strap detail woven at the front, the shoe strikes the balance of refined yet relaxed, creating a sophisticated sandal that stylish people adore. With a wide and devote fan base—it’s harder to count the influencers that don’t own a pair than is it to count the ones that do—the chic sandal is firmly cemented as a summer favourite.

At this point, it should be fairly clear that I’m coveting a pair myself, but the £610 price tag means that I have a bit of saving to do before I can officially call them my own. As such I’ve spent some time scouring the internet to identify some of the alternative styles that can help me get the look this season and act as a placeholder until I own the real deal.

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As the Hermès Oran sandal is one of the most iconic styles on the market, certain brands have created homages of their own. In a wide range of colours, these trending iterations call upon the same iconic silhouette, including the flat design and simple strap detailing, as the original pairs.

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Whilst you can’t match Hermès’s colour offering (the Oran sandals come in an astounding 42 different shades), quality, or, indeed, legacy, this season’s alternatives cover all of the classic bases including blacks, browns and whites and the occasional pop of colour.

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If you too dream of owning a pair of Hermès’s Oran sandals one day, but want to look elegant in the meantime, read on to discover the alternatives that are currently on the market.