Lily-Rose Depp Wore a Radical Shorts-and-Heels Outfit That Screams SJP Circa 2004

Lily-Rose Depp Wore a Radical Shorts-and-Heels Outfit That Screams SJP Circa 2004

With ’90s style icons for parents, it’s no surprise the Lily-Rose Depp has a knack for pulling together a great outfit herself. And she proved that this week when she stepped out in L.A. wearing divisive shorts-and-shoe pairing that’s just won her additional style points amongst fashion editors.

Taking a pair of knee-grazing cycling shorts and pairing them with white slingback heels was a bold move, but Depp was actually tapping into a trend I’ve slowly started to see taking off in New York this spring, that being wearing tight-fitting shorts and heels together to create the ultimate fashion throwback.

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Depp’s pedal-pusher-shorts-and-heel combo nods to the enduring ’90s and early ’00s style renaissance that also ushered in return of capri pants and wedge heels earlier this year. However, with more muted and modern styling cues, the duo is made to feel more up-to-date. Take Depp; she kept the rest of her look pared-back, opting only for a simple beige tote and a jersey long-sleeve top. It looks like camouflage but it’s certainly a more refined take than what we might have seen back in the day.

Though let’s spare a moment for Sarah Jessica Parker, who committed herself to the pedal-pusher-shorts-and-heels look throughout the 2000s, this being one of the best examples of the trend in its original form.

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Still, it’s high time the trend was treated to a 2024 makeover. Giving the look the love it deserves, I’ve spotted chic New Yorker Ruby Lyn styling a strikingly similar combination to that of Depp’s (and Parker’s), only she’s chosen to weave in 2024’s trending olive green colour, making her ensemble feel more current in the process.

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This is a look that will divide opinion, there’s no doubt about it, but I happen to think the trend has clout. It’s fun and I’d argue surprisingly versatile. Take the shorts, for example—elevate them with jewels and a blazer alongside some slingback or kitten heels like Depp or dress them down with a bomber jacket, a hoodie and some trainers. They work much like skinny jeans would in your wardrobe—only shorter of course—so anything you’d consider wearing with slim-fit trousers will likely work with these too.