Lisa Kudrow Is a Not-Quite-Fearless Leader in the Time Bandits TV Series

Time is tricky business, which is maybe why it seemed like it took forever for the Time Bandits TV series—created by Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris, and Taika Waititi—to get moving, and then all of a sudden it’s almost here. The series is an adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s cult classic, and like that original movie is about a boy who gets swept up in the adventures of the Time Bandits, a gaggle of thieves who do their stealing all throughout time.

Young Kevin (Kal-El Tuck) is a history buff, which comes in handy when it turns out his bedroom is a “time egress” and he ventures off with the ragtag crew of time travelers who appear through said egress. As Apple TV+ explains:

Guided by Lisa Kudrow, the eccentric crew of bandits embark on epic adventures while evil forces threaten their conquests and life as they know it. As the group is transported through time and space, the gang stumbles upon fascinating worlds of the distant past while seeking out treasure, depending on Kevin to shed light on each situation. The “Time Bandits” witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape dinosaurs in the prehistoric age, wreak havoc during medieval times, experience the Ice Age, ancient civilizations and the Harlem Renaissance, and much more along the way.

Time Bandits stars Tadhg Murphy (The Northman), Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (Tomb Raider), Rune Temte (The Swarm), Charlyne Yi (Summer Camp Island), and Rachel House (Our Flag Means Death), and features co-creators Waititi and Clement (who appear to play God and the Devil, respectively).

The ten-episode first season begins with a two-episode premiere July 24th on Apple TV+. icon-paragraph-end

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