Mexico City boutique by MYT+GLVDK features double-conical staircase

Mexico City studio MYT+GLVDK has designed a concept store in the south of the Mexican capital, featuring a staircase with both concave and convex portions beneath a vaulted ceiling.

Uncommon Ground is a high-end fashion and accessories boutique situated in the Artz Pedregal shopping mall, close to the city’s southern periphery.

The Uncommon Ground boutique is divided into a main floor and a mezzanine level at the back

MYT+GLVDK, led by Andrés Mier y Terán and Regina Galvanduque, was commissioned to design the architecture, furnishings and interiors for the store that carries brands including Courrèges, Maison Kitsuné, Ami Paris, Officine Générale and Moscot.

“The hallmark of Uncommon Ground is to display the latest tendencies in clothing and accessories based on a dedicated edition of trends and themes that capture the air du temps of the season,” said Mier y Terán and Galvanduque.

Double-conical staircase beneath a vaulted ceiling
The two levels are connected by a double-conical staircase

The duo decided to create multiple display areas across the 246-square-metre main floor and a 40-square-metre mezzanine at the back.

These two levels are connected by a circular staircase with concentric treads that splay outward in a semi-circle on its lower half and are set inward like an amphitheatre on the top half.

A vaulted ceiling comprising tubes wrapped in recycled cowhide
A vaulted ceiling comprising tubes wrapped in recycled cowhide arches over the space

Beneath the mezzanine, the conical form of the upper steps is expressed as bands of brushed brass, which are reflected in golden mirrored panels across the adjoining wall and low ceiling.

More semi-circular steps below form a display for shoes within this back room, where other garments are hung in niches on either side.

Brushed-brass bands above a stepped shoe display
Beneath the mezzanine, the staircase is expressed as a series of brushed-brass bands above a stepped shoe display

The main floor, where the ceiling is double-height, is covered by a vaulted ceiling made up of ribbed elements wrapped in recycled cowhide.

In the centre of the space, a structural column and diagonal beam are incorporated “a focal point that continues with the rhythm of geometric shapes and lends character to the overall concept” according to the designers.

A colour scheme of yellow, beige and terracotta is applied across the architectural elements and the furniture, which is also designed in cylindrical and arc shapes.

“The use of clean lines, tubular segments and curves can be seen in every direction as an organic sequence of impressive visual strength,” said MYT+GLVDK.

Store interior with cylindrical and arc-shaped furniture
Furniture throughout the store is designed in cylindrical and arc shapes

The lighting scheme includes a series of light boxes placed within display niches on both levels, to highlight the products, as well as track and spotlights that give the entire store a warm glow.

The Uncommon Ground logo is illuminated vertically on the central column and horizontally above the fully glazed storefront.

Uncommon Ground storefront within Artz Pedregal shopping mall
The boutique is located inside the Artz Pedregal shopping mall in the south of Mexico City

Also in Artz Pedregal, MYT+GLVDK previously designed the Cocina Abierta food court that takes cues from Japanese and Mexican design traditions.

Elsewhere in the city, the studio recently completed the interiors of fast-casual restaurant Órale Milanga, where exposed concrete walls are covered in wavy green metal mesh.

The photography is by Alfonso de Béjar.

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