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Mike Flanagan’s Dark Tower Adaptation May Have Characters From Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan is still moving forward with his dream project—the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. This isn’t the first time, however, that Flanagan has tackled King’s work. The filmmaker also directed Doctor Sleep, King’s sequel to The Shining that was critically well-received but didn’t do so well at the box office. Fans of the film, however, may get to see some of those characters once again in Flanagan’s Dark Tower project.

When Flanagan was on the Script Apart podcast (via Empire), he said that King’s work is all connected and that “the nexus point” of those connections is The Dark Tower series.

“There’s a character in The Dark Tower named Dandelo, who I think is a cousin of the True Knot, who’s this emotional vampire but who feeds on laughter instead of fear,” he said, referencing the vampiric group led by Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) in Doctor Sleep. “But there’s room in that world for the True Knot themselves, there’s room for Rose The Hat. There might be room for Danny Torrance [played as an adult by Ewan McGregor, pictured above] … there’s all kinds of stuff that could be amazing, if we’re able to get that property on its feet.”

This sounds like it’s still wishful thinking on Flanagan’s part, but I’m completely on board with his logic here. No news yet on when we’ll see Flanagan’s version of The Dark Tower on a screen near you, though Doctor Sleep is now streaming on HBO Max and Prime Video.

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