My Mom and I Are Into Classic Fashion—4 Summer Trends We Agree On

My Mom and I Are Into Classic Fashion—4 Summer Trends We Agree On

My mom and I enjoy shopping and browsing new arrivals together. It’s one of our things. We share similar aesthetics and gravitate toward many of the same types of items, making shopping together even more enjoyable. But it’s the more classic fashion pieces that pique our interest the most. Clothing, shoes, and accessories that are modern, but feel timeless at the same time are most appealing for longevity and versatility. And yes, the summer 2024 offering is filled with fresh trends that feel current and relevant, but classic at the same time.

I went through a list of summer trends with my mom and am highlighting the looks we both agreed on below. You’ll notice everything from the petty summer shoe trend I’m recommending to everyone this season to a sleek tailoring silhouette that will bring polish to any wardrobe. Keep scrolling to check out the classic fashion trends we love, along with visual and shopping inspiration.

Linen Trousers

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Linen pieces are a perennial trend, but linen trousers, in particular, are everywhere this season as a comfortable, cool, and chic alt to heavier-weight trousers. My mom wants a pair of white linen pants to wear with everything from tees to button-down shirts.

Flat Mary-Janes

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My mom can’t wait to wear a pair of flat Mary-Janes (she’s also into the trendier mesh versions this season). As she said, “they’re so chic, but feel absolutely timeless.”

Poplin Shirting

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Poplin is another trend that’s basically always around, but the biggest designers showcased white poplin in fresh ways on the spring and summer runways. My mom and I are both into poplin shirts.

Long Shorts

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A pair of longer shorts in a more tailored cut feels current but classic. This ensemble with shorts and retro polo is great inspiration.

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