Rosalind Chao Voices New Audiobook for Cixin Liu’s The Three-Body Problem

Rosalind Chao has had a long career; many of us saw her first in the 1990s in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Keiko O’Brien (pictured above). Chao’s career goes beyond Star Trek, of course—she was in The Joy Luck Club, played Mulan’s mother in the recent live-action envisioning of the Disney tale, and was even on two episodes of M*A*S*H*.

Chao will also play the character Ye Wenjie in Netflix’s 3 Body Problem, an adaptation of Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth trilogy helmed by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo. And today, we found out via The Verge that she’s delving further into that sci-fi world by reading a new audiobook version of Liu’s The Three-Body Problem, the first in the aforementioned trilogy.  

This isn’t the first audio recording of Three-Body Problem. An audiobook narrated by Luke Daniels came out in 2014, and the Macmillan podcast, Stories from Among the Stars had a version there that has since been taken down. Those looking to listen to Liu’s first book narrated by Chao will have to wait until February 27, 2024. That gives you almost a month, however, to listen before the Netflix adaptation releases on Netflix on March 21, where we can see Chao bring Ye Wenjie to life on screen. icon-paragraph-end

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