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So Many Outfits Call for a Classic White Tee—Here's the Only One I Recommend

As a fashion editor, I often get asked by friends and family for advice on where to buy specific items. Sometimes they’re the more trending styles, like the best place to find colourful trainers, or the where to start when investing in a designer handbag, but it might surprise you that most often its the real basics that people are asked for. After all, they’re the hardest-working pieces in our wardrobes, and therefore need to have the quality and style to be as useful as we require them to be. The question I’m asked most frequently is, “Where’s the best place to buy a classic white T-shirt?”. And I have the answer.

It will come as no surprise that this foundation piece is from COS. A reliable spot to turn to for classic styles with a designer look (but not the accompanying price tag), COS is a cornerstone of all our editors wardrobes. Known for its brilliant tailored trousers, excellence in outerwear, and the designers of that beloved bag, COS really does it all. And the brand’s clean-cut T-shirt is no exception.

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