Ten architecture projects by students at London South Bank University

Dezeen School Shows:  an educational centre with an emphasis on upcycling within product and furniture design is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at London South Bank University.

Also included is a library informed by rocks featuring a garden, and an auditorium that takes cues from industrial styles whilst incorporating renewable energy into its design.

Institution: London South Bank University
School: School of The Build Environment and Architecture
Courses: BA (Hons) Architecture (full-time), BA (Hons) Architecture (part-time), BA Architecture (architectural assistant apprenticeship), MArch Architecture (full-time), MArch Architecture (part-time) and MArch Architecture (architect apprenticeship)
Tutors: Adrian Hill, Andrea Tiberi, Angela Vanezi, Asem Al Bunni, Anthony Okoluko, Bandele Olubodun, Bertug Ozarisoy, Carlene Prince, Carlos Sanchez, Chris Cowell, Daniel Wing Hang Tang, Elisavet Hasa, Elham Valikhani, Federico Rossi, Ioana Petkova, Jonathan Bush, Kazeem Awotunde, Kenet Bakamovic, Kira Ariskina, Larry Allison, Malorzata Starzynska, Marco Vanucci, Margarita Germanos, Milena Patru, Monika Jociute, Seda Zirek, Spyridon Kaprinis, Steve Bowkett, Thomas Hopkins, Valerio Massaro and Yakim Milev

School statement:

“The LSBU Division of Architecture (DoA) offers students from all types of social and economic backgrounds, genders, ages, classes, races and ethnicities the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to practice architecture professionally, responsibly and ethically.

“As a London school of architecture, the DoA distinctly positions itself to deliver the highest quality education – theoretically, academically, environmentally and ethically – using innovative research and digital technologies to secure employment in industry.

“We offer seven courses, three each in Part 1 and Part 2 (for FT, PT and Apprenticeship study) and a RIBA Professional Practice Part 3 course.

“While the number of UK Architecture schools offering a Part 2 Apprenticeship is rising, the DoA at LSBU is distinct as one of two universities – along with the University of Portsmouth – that offer a Part 1 architectural assistant apprenticeship route.

“We are a school of architecture that develops the abstract problem-solving thinking required to be a creative and ethical architectural practitioner alongside the practical knowledge of working in an architectural office.

“All our architecture courses are socially responsible, inclusive, diverse and positioned for our graduates to work long-term in the profession of architecture, understanding everyday lifestyle in the office.

“Our RIBA and ARB accredited courses include the required design, technology, representation (communications), history and theory and professional practice modules that are delivered by a vibrant gender-balanced mix of educators with academic and industry expertise.”

Harnessing Velocity by Pedram Hajian Nejad

“Situated within the precarious confines of a tier three flood zone, this project celebrates the direct response to the flooding crisis gripping Vauxhall.

“Its primary objective is to honour and commemorate the rich local heritage housed within the archives of the former iron works, now rebranded as the Vauxhall Motor Company, while establishing a vibrant civic space.

“At the epicentre of the site lies the historical nexus where naval ships, pumps and engines were once meticulously crafted.

“This creates a profound connection to the overarching themes of flooding and water.”

Student: Pedram Hajian Nejad
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture
Tutors: Angela Vanezi and Seda Zirek
Email: hajiannp[at]lsbu.ac.uk

Visualisation of a community space with yellow ceiling structures, grey pillars and walls, with illustrations of people walking through.

The Gordon Grove Institute of Sustainability by Oliver Nathaniel Davies

“This proposal is a community hub and rewilding project in the north of Brixton.

“Inspired by the studio’s ethos, the project expands the concept of sustainability, analysing the decline of local species as a consequence of urban expansion which it claims is unsustainable.

“Therefore, by connecting the two public parks situated at either end of the site and rewilding the spaces in between, a green corridor is created which provides opportunities for the reintroduction of native, endangered species.

“The community hub functions as a library, encouraging community development and the peaceful co-existence between humans and animals.”

Student: Oliver Nathaniel Davies
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture (full-time)
Tutors: Ioana Petkova and Valerio Massaro
Emails: oliverndavies[at]hotmail.com and davieso8[at]lsbu.ac.uk

Visualisation of an art space in colours of blue and white.

Bizzart Centre: A Collective Public Space by Veronika Zahur

“War is still with us, forcing many people to seek refuge in other countries.

“There is also an imperative to find more sustainable resource strategies while cities are trying to produce successful regeneration schemes to improve the quality of life of all their citizens.

“The Bizzart Centre Project seeks to find solutions to all these issues.

“It raises awareness about the devastating effects of war, fosters a sense of belonging and connection for young refugees enriching the existing culture and promotes collaboration and mutual support by providing a place where everyone can engage with art.”

Student: Veronika Zahur
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture (full-time)
Tutors: Elham Valikhani and Elisavet Hasa
Emails: ggnikay[at]gmail.com and s4237223[at]lsbu.ac.uk

Visualisation of a grey building situated on a canal with green bushes, against a blue sky backdrop.

Bar 27 by Dorothy Harriman

“This project is based on research into the history of Camden Town’s people and culture and of Regent’s Canal and the commercialisation of the area.

“To date, Camden’s culture is reflected through Amy Winehouse, whose musical style embodies the diverse influences of migration – bar 27 plays homage to Amy’s legacy.

“The proposal creates a symposium of musical influences by providing a space to exhibit folklore via multiple bars, allowing visitors to ascend through the cultural memories of Camden.”

Student: Dorothy Harriman
Course: BA Architecture (architectural assistant apprenticeship)
Tutors: Yakim Milev, Anthony Okoluko and Dr Asem Al Bunni
Email: dotty.harriman[at]hotmail.com

An image displaying multiple visualisations of a building, in colours of grey and white.

Sahara 75 by Georgina Layla Spendiff

“Inspired by the hidden yet rich culture of the Amazigh – the forgotten desert warriors found in Morocco’s southern territory – Sahara 75 strives to bring education, artisanship and an appreciation of Mother Africa to the streets of Camden Town, London.

“Sahara 75 aims to dismantle the media misinterpretation of an ancient citizenry.

“In the design, form compliments function, with the five-tiered public centre offering anthological-accurate information, artisan architectural ornamentations adapted from the organic nomadic living and educational activities.

“This aims to eradicate the ever-growing fetishisation and gentrification of a culture under-appreciated and unknown to Western society.”

Student: Georgina Layla Spendiff
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture (full-time)
Tutors: Yakim Milev, Anthony Okoluko and Dr Asem Al Bunni
Email: georginaspendiff[at]yahoo.co.uk

Visualisation of a housing complex with a green terrace and grey and brown detailing.

Post-Soviet Urban Revitalization: Reimagining Moldova’s Soviet-Era Housing by Tinca Rusu

“This project addresses the challenges and opportunities posed by Moldova’s ageing Soviet-era housing stock – Brezhnevka-type blocks, specifically the Series Ms, which dominate the urban landscape.

“Moldovan society faces a pressing need for expanded living spaces, but current methods are inefficient, illegal and unsustainable.

“The project’s vision extends beyond individual blocks, envisioning a broader transformation of post-Soviet urban landscapes.

“By incorporating sustainable design principles and enhancing green spaces, the proposal not only meets current societal needs but also revitalises the aesthetic and environmental quality of Moldova’s urban areas.”

Student: Tinca Rusu
Course: MArch Architecture (FT)
Tutors: Chris Cowell and Thomas Hopkins
Email: rusut[at]lsbu.ac.uk

Visualisation of an auditorium in colours of red, orange, blue and green, against a backdrop of a city with a blue sky.

The ‘Ghost’ of Stratford’s Past by James Cook

“This project seeks to develop aspects of its site including bat biodiversity, the existing buildings and the solar/wind energy, whilst contributing to the Stratford area’s new developments and paying homage to Stratford’s industrial past.

“The combination of these elements creates a project that introduces a new style of auditorium, a co-habitat between bats and humans, takes advantage of the solar gains of the site through solar chimneys and reflects the site’s industrial history through aesthetics, geometry and materials.”

Student: James Cook
Course: MArch Architecture (PT)
Tutors: Kazeem Awotunde and Andrea Tiberi
Email: jamescook_10[at]hotmail.co.uk

Illustration of an architectural structure in brown and black.

The Creative District by Jeevan Chahal

“This project investigates the relationship between historical development models, comparing past zeitgeists with today’s global crises and exploring optimum conditions within the context of regenerative design and socio-economic balance.

“The Creative District lies at Robin’s Creek in Northfleet, a town on the eastern fringe of London with a rich historical story, both remembered but also forgotten.

“The project develops a three-phase plan set across a 50-year timeframe.

“Through place-making and wayfinding, a network of architectural follies aims to re-establish lost communities of Northfleet through the power of music and sound whilst celebrating its industrial heritage.”

Student: Jeevan Chahal
Course: MArch Architecture (Architect Apprenticeship) (PT)
Tutors: Jonathan Bush and Margarita Germanos
Email: s4223397[at]lsbu.ac.uk

Visualisation of a library, white and brown in colour, on a white backdrop.

The Fissure / BFI National Library 2.0 by Machrid Angellyca Allan

“The new BFI National Library 2.0 recombines the film archives and library into one location for the convenience of filmmakers and researchers and provides accessible storage for analogue and digital film archives.

“The main features of the design were inspired by the Petra Rocks in Jordan.

“The building is called The Fissure, names after a long crack or opening along the surface of a rock.

“There is also an open public area called The Oasis which features a manicured garden with mature trees and a stream of water.

“These features create a unique civic space in the heart of Soho.”

Student: Machrid Angellyca Allan
Course: BA Architecture (architectural assistant apprenticeship)
Tutors: Spyridon Kaprinis and Daniel Wing Hang Tang
Email: angelmallan[at]icloud.com

Visualisation of an educational centre in colours of pink and orange, with blue water next to it and green trees.

The Loop Collective by Emily Kajdi

“The Loop Collective provides spaces for design companies and enthusiasts to come together to share knowledge about furniture design and present new products and exhibitions.

“The day-to-day business facilities offer workshops and classes for woodworking and upcycling as well as a collection system for discarded furniture items, which are stored and used in upcycling projects, furthering the commitment to sustainability.

“The design of the facility is focused on using sustainable local materials where possible and keeping furniture for as long as possible.

“The project aims to reduce fly-tipping and educate local communities on the value of furniture-making and upcycled furniture.”

Student: Emily Kajdi
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture (full-time)
Tutors: Adrian Hill, Monika Jacute and Milena Patru
Email: kajdie[at]lsbu.ac.uk

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