The Boys Aren’t Coming Back After Season 5

The fourth season of The Boys is set to premiere in two days, but that hasn’t stopped fans and showrunner Eric Kripke from looking to the show’s future. We already knew that Amazon MGM Studios had already greenlit a fifth season. What we didn’t know until today, however, was that those episodes would be the last in the series that has spawned two spinoffs to date (Gen V and Diabolical), with more in the pipeline.

Variety reports that Kripke has said that the writers’ room is currently working on season five and the eight episodes will be shot from November 2024 through mid-2025.  

The decision to end The Boys after season five, according to Kripke, has been in the works since the beginning of season three. “We announced Season Five and I was hungry to get the word out that it was the final season. And so that’s a chain of executives and PR executives,” Kripke said. “And then we decided since Amazon had already announced Season Five, that it made sense for me to announce the final season.”

He added, “I think it puts Season Four in the right context. It’s weird for this show to say, but it’s a slightly more introspective season. We always look at it in the three-act movie way as the end of Act 2 low point before the roller coaster ride of the climax. And I just wanted people to understand where it fit into the larger piece so that they kind of get what this season is supposed to be.”

Kripke also said that he hoped that Gen V continued and that other spinoffs were in the works, as the end of The Boys was really about the end of the Butcher-Homelander standoff. Fans can now watch season four with this knowledge in mind when the season premieres on Prime Video on June 13, 2024. icon-paragraph-end

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