The Trailer for She Loved Blossoms More Introduces the Meanest Time Machine

Your reaction to the teaser for the upcoming horror film She Loved Blossoms More may depend, in large part, on your feelings about one of its first lines: “We beam little animals to an alternate dimension,” says one of the three brothers on whom the movie focuses. They do this in order to create a time machine to bring back their dead mother, which, sure, admirable plan, I guess? BUT THE LITTLE ANIMALS, THOUGH. Being beamed “beyond the edge of space and time” doesn’t seem like it could possibly be good for them.

Variety offers a little more detail about the film, which is directed by Yannis Veslemes: “The film follows three brothers who build an unusual time machine in order to bring their long-dead mother back to life. When their delusional father comes into the picture, the experiments go awry, and they descend into a psychedelic hellscape where the past and present fuse in a comedic yet disturbing exploration of grief.”

Everything about this trailer is a bit psychedelic, from the music to the grainy shots to the strobes and peculiar time machine. Veslemes told Variety, ““We tried to build a whole fantasy world condensed in a family mansion and its surroundings. Ι suppose you can place yourself in this house, spy on this family and even have fun with their suffering. It sounds crude but films exist also for that. Joy and grief feel equal in this world.”

She Loved Blossoms More is screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, but does not yet have a U.S. release date. icon-paragraph-end

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