Venom: The Last Dance Promises Some Good Times Before the End

It was pretty clear already, in the Venom cinematic universe, that humanity is not alone among the stars. But for the third and final Venom film, they’re making that a bit more explicit. Which is to say: somebody’s relatives are coming to visit, and they don’t seem very nice.

The thing about a Venom movie is that the plot is kind of irrelevant; the important part is watching Tom Hardy play off himself, as both hapless Eddie Brock and gooey symbiote Venom. (Their buddy routine needs a bit of work, though.) This time around, they’ve got new supporting cast in the mix: Keely Hawes is some sort of scientist, and Chiwetel Ejiofor some sort of military man. Both are invested in keeping regular folks from knowing about aliens. They’ve more than got their work cut out for them once Venom’s home planet finds Earth.

The Last Dance trailer is really, really leaning hard on the possibility of a tragic ending for these two, but I’m hoping it’s a misdirect; it feels like too normal, too ordinary an ending for this delightfully chaotic series. But if it does end, at least it does so after giving us Hardy dressed up like he’s auditioning to play James Bond. Also: Venom horse!

Venom: The Last Dance is directed by Kelly Marcel, who co-wrote the first Venom film and singlehandedly scripted the second. As with that film, the story is a collaboration between Marcel and Tom Hardy. No one, clearly, understands the Eddie/Venom relationship better.

Venom: The Last Dance is in theaters October 25th. icon-paragraph-end

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